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Who We Are

The Chicago Thinker is the only independent, student-built, and student-run conservative and libertarian newspaper at the University of Chicago. 

Confronted by the sheer force of left-wing orthodoxy and intolerance on the University of Chicago’s campus, we founded the Thinker during the 2020 COVID pandemic, to change the conversation. 

Fast forward, and our self-taught team of UChicago student writers and editors is growing. Since we formally launched in October 2020, the Thinker has been named the Collegiate Network’s 2020-2021 “Best New Publication.” Our work has been highlighted and/or republished by The Wall Street Journal (twice!), Fox News, The Federalist, Newsweek, The New American,  American Thinker, Campus Reform,, and The College Fixamong others. 

Our team has also made appearances on Fox & FriendsTucker Carlson Tonight (twice!),  Fox & Friends First,  Fox Business Tonight, Sky News, The Ingraham Angle, Newsmax, and Fox Prime Time, to name a few. And our efforts have been applauded by many of today’s commentators and leaders, from Nikki Haley and Sean Hannity to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Niall Ferguson, Brit Hume, and Ben Shapiro. Our weekly newsletter has over 5,900 subscribers. And we’ve received thousands of emails from supporters nationwide, sometimes even globally.  

News of our team’s fight to preserve free expression, combat cancel culture, and uphold conservative and libertarian principles has spread like wildfire, but we’re only just getting started. And we want your help.

Our Values

We will not live by lies, nor will we succumb to the speech codes of the cancelers. For this reason, we use our voicesand our real namesto promote conservative and libertarian principles in an environment increasingly intolerant of such perspectives. 

We don’t do this because it’s easy (it’s not). We fight for what we believe because only then can we look ourselves in the mirror with pride. And we hope that our efforts make discourse in our community just a little bit freer. 

The Thinker is obviously a publication, but we’re also a community, because we recognize that we cannot beat the mob alone. Our team supports one another as rigorously as we debate each other’s ideas. And when you speak with us, on our team, you never speak alone.

Who We’re Recruiting

The primary characteristic we seek in our recruitment process is bravery. We’re seeking strong individuals who possess the courage of their convictions to say what they mean and to stand by it. If you’ve never written for a publication or joined a team like ours, don’t worry. We’ll teach you. We just ask that you have the backbone to stand up for your colleagues, and for yourself. 

If you want to outthink the mob with us, simply complete this application form. We recruit on a rolling basis (to a wide variety of positions), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.